Make Money Recycling Glass Bottles (Over $1,000 A Month)

How we package things has changed over the years. We have started to use plastic as our main go-to when packaging anything these days, but one recyclable has stood the test of time of the years because of its durability, resistance to decay, and cheapness to produce and that is glass.

Despite plastic being much cheaper we still use glass for many liquids and foodstuffs as it protects the contents and is quite robust, except when dropped of course.

How can we make money recycling glass bottles to make over $1,000 a month? Repurposing glass bottles and glass jars to form containers for candles can turn the few cents you may get from the recycler into $20 – $30 for a single bottle or jar candle. This means you will need fewer bottles and spend less time searching for bottles and jars. Making about 10 – 15 candles per week and selling them at $25 each can easily make you $1,000 after expenses.

Is glass recycling profitable?

Yes, given the glass bottles and jars often have a minimum CRV value, depending on where you are you can get a few cents for each. If you have access to lots of bottles then it may take you a few hundred dollars a month just for the simple recycle value.

If you are within reach of bars, large apartment complexes, or some retail outlets like cafes and restaurants there may be an opportunity to take their empties away for them free of charge. You can offer to provide bins to incentivize them to do so. This could make hitting that $1,000 target easier but you may also need to think about how you can store hundreds or thousands of glass bottles and jars.

How much is a pound of glass bottles worth?

If you take the average weight of a bottle or jar and multiply it y 2 then it comes to roughly a pound in weight. If you then take a rough CRV rate of 10 cents an item then a pound of glass will net you about 20 cents. If you are looking to make $100 then you need about 500 bottles for each $100 you want to make. So $1.000 will need about 5,000 bottles.

Focusing on creating art or crafts using glass bottles and jars can increase your overall net income per pound but you will need to do more work and invest a little more cash upfront to pay for some required supplies like glue, paint, or glass cutters

Are glass bottles worth recycling?

Absolutely yes. If you are looking to repurpose them, or upcycle them, then they can be very lucrative for you. Even if you don’t want to do any extra work to sell them, you may be able to find older, vintage bottles in flea markets or second-hand stores. These items can often fetch more. Look around on local shop ads, or online at places like craigslist, you may be surprised by what people want to get rid of without realizing you can earn money for it.

Is there a market for recycled glass?

Yes, as we become more and more concerned about the environment so does our desire to recycle. Many people are turning to recycled glass for alternative uses to their original purpose. Some people are using them piled up on the sides as alternatives to windows. others use them as decorations in the home, windchimes, table lamps and even bottle gardens.

If you really want to make the most money from recycling glass then you need to do something with the glass to upcycle it rather than just dumping a load of bottles at your nearest recycling center, even if you get paid to do so.

Firstly if you upcycle them it’s cheaper than buying other containers so your projects will have reduced costs, secondly, your finished work can be sold at a higher price so you do not need to collect 5,000 bottles each month, more like 50 or so, making it a much easier task.

Why using glass bottles for candles is a great idea

The market for candles is huge, it was worth $3.45 billion in 2018 and has grown from strength to strength since then. Even during times of hardship and financial worry, the candle market tends to remain resilient as people buy them as small gifts and treats for themselves, especially when budgets are tight.

Here are some articles to inspire you to start making money right away:

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If you have had a chance to read through these articles then you’ll realize that it’s not only a piece of cake to start but it’s not time-consuming and can lead you to make thousands of dollars each month, even enough for you to quit your job and focus on this as your full-time employment.

Remember if you are the boss then you’ll never be fired!

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Many people who want to make a few bucks on the side but are not really into the idea of setting up what amounts to be a small crafting business in their home can still make some serious money but there will be a lot more legwork and searching involved as it’s the easiest way to do it.

Others, however who are more creative or want to be can turn a much larger profit from much fewer bottles by upcycling them into cool candles or even pieces of art. The downside of this is that it will require a small outlay at the onset for some materials like glue, paints, etc. depending on your project. This should easily be recouped though with just a few sales, letting your profits grow steadily as you progress.

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